My artistic career began at an early age. My mother being an accomplished seamstress, I was from early on immersed in the world of design, texture, pattern, and color. I couldn’t have asked for a better school of art. Adding to my early influences, my two older sisters were both accomplished artists. Both being gifted teachers, they introduced my young mind to unique forms of artistic expression.

My other major artistic influence was music. I loved anything that had to do with music, so much so that I ended up getting a master’s degree in vocal performance. When I reflect on it, I can really see how my musical training cultivated a kinesthetic influence that deeply informs my present work as a visual artist.

Among the people who have guided my artistic expression, I’m especially indebted to Steve Aimone, internationally known artist, lecturer and teacher. Steve introduced me to automatic drawing and painting which informs my own style of abstract expressionism. Working with acrylics and other drawing tools, I find myself building and removing layers, adding bursts of shapes and color - all arising and morphing with effortless rhythm and intuition.

Painting has become a delicious obsession. I’m always surprised at the way my paintings take on a life of their own. This, for me, is so rewarding and satisfying.

I currently reside near Asheville, North Carolina. Surrounded by the Great Smokey Mountains, I find constant inspiration in the ever changing panorama of my natural surroundings.